Wealth Principles

Wealth Principles                                                                         wealth principles

Yesterday I wrote an article about the power of network marketing and how we can leverage the time and energy of other like-minded individuals to create massive income and residual profits. But today I’m going to jump into some Wealth Principles that are essential to your future and your personal success!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a revolutionary book that changed the mindsets of people all over the world about working for others versus establishing a financial vehicle for ourselves.

One of the greatest advantages of being in this industry and being connected with all the powerful leaders that I’m connected to is that they highly encourage personal development and investing in your mind!

It is written that “you are to invest at least 3% of your income into yourself and Personal Development and it is then that you can guarantee your success.”

No other industry promotes personal development like Network Marketing.

After being introduced to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, my whole mindset shifted, therefore I’m going to share with you the Principles that I’ve taken with me as my toolkit for Personal and Financial Success.

  •  “The Rich Don’t Work For Money!”

The Rich Don’t Work For Money!”: The majority of people are afraid of having money which is why most prefer a job, a job they hate, in hopes of having “Financial Security”. However, the wealthy do not work for money! They work toward a VISION, the big picture of what their time invested into a well thought out plan will produce for them.

They don’t quit if they don’t make money in their first 2 weeks. Instead, they fight that much harder and work much longer hours towards their goals…In the end they win and money never becomes an issue again!

  •  “You Can’t Build Wealth Without Financial Literacy!”

Everyone wants to be a Millionaire but very few people even understand the difference between a Liability and an Asset. Until we devote a great deal of our time to understanding Financial Terminology and commit to becoming Financially Literate, we’ll forever be a small fish in the ponds of sharks that will eat us up for lunch due to our lack of knowledge!

  •  “Mind Your Own Business!”

The fear of what other people think and the urge to follow the crowd is often the biggest downfall to the ‘dreamers’. The Wealthy realize that they will walk the road less traveled and won’t be popular on the front end, but in the end, the crowd will be paying them to teach them what the wealthy have done, to get to where they are!

  •  “The Wealthy Don’t Run From Taxes, They Learn About Tax Advantages!”

Another term that Entrepreneurs get to know quickly is “Taxes”. The truth is however, that this world was designed to promote Entrepreneurship, providing tons of tax breaks to Business Owners allowing the Wealthy to keep more money in their pocket while the “employees” devote their dollars to running this country!

  •  “Work To Learn, Not For Money!”

You will find the majority of people want to talk about the money being made in Network Marketing. But, the reality is that there are oodles of benefits from being associated with this Industry. If you want to be successful in life and really adopt the mindset of a Millionaire, COMMIT to working to LEARN and not just for the money!

  •  “Confront The Fear And Do It Anyway!”

Fear is a dominant emotion that tends to cause so many of us to never take action. However, fear is also an indicator that alarms your body of stepping outside of your comfort zone into “unknown territory”. Learning how to not let fear dominate and control your decision-making is key to accomplishing great things in life. If you ever want to know how people rose to the top, consider this principle as one of the key character traits that they’ve mastered, that allowed them to rise to the top 3% of the World…

  •  “Learn To Overcome Obstacles Quickly, Move Forward Without Looking Back!”

We all have the potential to fail and we all make mistakes…


It’s about learning how to bounce back faster than it took you to fall. Learn to dust yourself off, take one step forward and don’t look back!

These Principles my friend, are the foundations to truly experiencing a life of pure fulfillment and freedom.  

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