Traveling Gluten Free

Traveling Gluten Free

Traveling gluten free is a lot simpler than you may first realize. When you’re thinking about hitting the road, you may be concerned about losing all the home comforts you have established, such as where you can buy gluten free foods and where you can eat out and enjoy a delicious gluten free meal.

Well, we are going to address those concerns and I will show you how easy traveling gluten free is.

Store Locations – To ensure traveling gluten free is a pleasant experience, it simply requires a little more planning and forethought. Take advantage of the internet to research the cities or countries you will be visiting. Check to see whether there are any natural food stores where you will be traveling to. Once you have found a couple, mark them on your map or store the information in your smart phone.

Pack Some Snacks –  Be prepared. Make sure you always pack some gluten free snacks with you when you are traveling. Whether it’s a road trip or flying, throw a few of your favorite gluten free treats in with your hand luggage.

Flying While Gluten Free – If you are flying you may be able to get a gluten free meal at the airport. Also, make sure you put in a request for a gluten free meal when booking your ticket. Most airlines will have no trouble in meeting this request, as gluten free food is a popular option these days. But, just in case be sure you have gluten free snacks handy.

Traveling Abroad – When it comes to eating in foreign countries, you may be concerned with the language barrier. Before you leave for your vacation, you may want to translate a few words for gluten free foods into the local lingo. If you are nervous or shy about pronunciation, simply write them down and then show it to the waiter or shop clerk when you reach your destination. Also, be sure to purchase some gluten free fresh foods from the local grocery store or market and store them in your hotel room.

Bed & Breakfast – If you are planning on staying at a bed and breakfast make sure your host knows ahead of your arrival that you will need a gluten free alternative for breakfast. Typically, you will be served a continental breakfast, which is not suitable for a gluten free diet. Bed and breakfast owners often have special dietary requests from people on a gluten free diet, and will be aware of what can be included in a gluten free meal. If they appear unsure, you just may need to advise them.

If your accommodation has cooking facilities, you can take your own gluten free supplies with you so you will be able to cook your favorite gluten free dishes while you are away.

If you are staying in a hotel, when making your reservation ask if there is a mini fridge in your room, if not, you may be able to request one.

With a little planning in advance, your travel experience can include safe gluten free options! You will be well on your way to realizing traveling gluten free is easy and all you need to do is concentrate on having FUN!!!

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