Time Management | Tips Series | Stephen Covey 2

Time Management | Tips Series |  Stephen Covey 2

Time management tips from Stephen Covey reveal some powerful yet simplistic ideas.

Let’s recap what we have learned so far from Stephen Covey: Every action we take is either Important, Not Important, Urgent or Not Urgent. 

We also learned that “Important” actions have a significant impact on our lives, and contribute to our vision, mission, values, objectives, strategies and high priority goals.

“Not Important” Actions that we take always have the following attribute:

No significant impact on your plan! Plain and simple.

“Many of us take “Not Important” actions and place them in the “Important” category, which is why it feels like we are just spinning our wheels… because we are doing a whole bunch of nothing!”

Now let’s look at the idea that the actions we take are either “Urgent” or “Not Urgent”.

An “Urgent” action indicates that there is a time pressure and a “Not Urgent” action has no time pressure.

When an action is Urgent and Important it is an emergency, like your house flooded, or computer crashed, or payroll messed up. These actions must be resolved right now!

When an action is Not Urgent and Important it is usually EVERYTHING that improves your business and your life. It is Important, but not Urgent. However, these are almost always the actions that make or break us in terms of success and failure like personal development, improving relationships, taking advantage of new opportunities, empowering others, planning, preparation and problem prevention.

Actions labeled as Not Important & Urgent are deceptive, because they have a time pressure but they don’t have a significant impact on your plan. Many emails, meetings and phone calls fall into this quadrant, because they are not important, they’re just urgent.

Actions labeled as Not Important & Not Urgent are time wasters that should be avoided.

The goal is to spend more time in Quadrant #2. How do you do it? By planning, and placing a time pressure on quadrant #2. It’s all about prioritizing and shifting your perception. If you implement this, your life will never be the same time-wasting vacuum again! 

Stephen Covey illustrates how moving our actions from one category to another completely changes how we approach it…

Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are true priority, and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period