Time Management | Revisit Goals and Adjust

Revisit Goals and Adjust

Time Management Tip #7 

Let’s recap time management tip #6, Create a schedule: Document deadlines for every task, and then estimate the time it will take you to complete the task. Next, create your schedule making note of any tasks that are linked together as this will increase your productivity.

It’s time for an adjustment! You have already written out your activities and tasks, and have determined your primary goals. You have also considered the 80/20 rule, and you have evaluated the important vs. the urgent. You have created, and now it’s time to advance yet again…

The seventh of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks is: 

Tip #7 Revisit Goals and Adjust: Review your goals and the rewards for completing the tasks on time and make any necessary adjustments.

It is always smart to revisit your goals; because often times we may grow at such a rapid pace that there is a need to raise the bar. There may also be a need to scale back a bit on your expectation as far as time is concerned. You may need a little more time to complete a task than you initially thought. You will know if your goals need an adjustment or not.

Don’t ever be discouraged if an adjustment is needed. It’s better to adjust and continue to achieve than to become stagnant and quit! 

Stay tuned for the eighth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks in order to work more efficiently.

Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are true priority and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period.