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Time Management Tip #5

Let’s recap time management tip #4 briefly, Important or Urgent?: You must determine which of your activities is the most important versus the most urgent. Now you must consider how certain items affect others and what the penalty would be for not accomplishing certain tasks.

You have already written out your activities and tasks,and have determined your primary goals. You have also considered the 80/20 rule and you have evaluated the important vs. the urgent. Now, let’s look at tip #5.

The fifth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks is: 

Tip #5 Ranking : Use a simple ranking system to begin your planning. For example, you may use:

“A” for high priority tasks

“B” for moderate priority tasks 

“C” for low-level tasks like checking email

Ranking by color is helpful also, like Red for high, Yellow for moderate and Green for low-level tasks. Whatever system works best for you is what I recommend.

If you review what you have learned so far in this valuable Time Management Tips series, you will see that everything is about sifting and sorting and moving into concrete action steps. This is what success is made of; small consistent and deliberate steps.

Not everything is urgent and a high priority; determine what is urgent, what’s moderate and what is low-level priority in your day. It is from this point that you know where to start.

Stay tuned for the sixth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks in order to work more efficiently.


Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are true priority and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period.