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Time Management Tip #8

Let’s recap time management tip #7 briefly, Revisit Goals and Adjust: Review your goals and what the rewards are for completing the tasks on time. Make any necessary adjustments.

Now you gotta let go!  You have already written out your activities and tasks and have determined your primary goals. You have also considered the 80/20 rule and you have evaluated the important vs. the urgent. You have created, revisited and adjusted if necessary so now… let’s bring it home!

The eighth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks is:

Tip #8 Purge: Remove those items on your list that remain at the bottom and will never really get done.

If there are items on your list that never move up to a higher priority and they never get done then it’s time to face the fact that they just are not important to you. Remove them from your list to make room for the tasks that ARE important to you. This simple process will actually boost your confidence.

It’s a good thing to remove unwanted things from your life, because it makes room for those wanted things!

Stay tuned for even more valuable tips on time management. 

Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are true priority, and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period.