Time Management | Important or Urgent ?

Time Management Tip #4

Important or Urgent ?

Let’s recap time management tip #3 –  Results vs Effort, 80/20 rule: Determine which 20% of your listed activities will yield you 80% the results, taking you closer to your goals.

Now it’s time to move into evaluation. You have already written out your activities, tasks and have determined your primary goals. You have also considered the 80/20 rule, so let’s begin with the next time management tip.

The fourth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks is:

Tip #4 Is It Important or Urgent – You must now determine which of your activities is the most important versus the most urgent. You must consider how certain items affect others and what the penalty would be for not accomplishing certain tasks. For example, someone else may need your completed task in order to complete theirs.

In this high pressure society in which we live in, we have made everything an urgent emergency and that is just not the case. The world will not cease spinning if you don’t get to your email messages.

Important means it needs your attention as soon as possible and urgent means it must be addressed and resolved immediately.

Stay tuned for the fifth of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks in order to work more efficiently.

P.S. Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are true priority, and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period…