Time Management

Time Management Tips & Strategies

Time is a valuable resource, and a non-renewable one. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! There is a great benefit in learning how to properly manage and maximize time for your success. Without getting too stuffy, technical and uptight… time management is nothing more than consciously monitoring and controlling specific activities to increase productivity.

If we are to be successful in business or any endeavor, we must manage our time effectively in order to pinpoint the critical tasks to complete while avoiding the non-productive or incoming reducing activities that distract our attention.

Entrepreneurs must set parameters and deadlines around their time and various projects in order to complete tasks, which are the series of steps that lead to success.

There are 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks, which will ultimately allow you to work much more efficiently.

The first of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks is:

1. Record all activities: Write out every task, demand, priority and activity that requires your attention either by day or by week. Daily is more practical, because you can zone in on what action you must take for that day.

Make certain to include EVERYTHING on your plate, including family obligations like dropping and picking kids up from school and other activities. You need to see your day in plain sight so that you can prioritize effectively.

Stay tuned for the second of 8 proven quick tips to help you prioritize tasks in order to work more efficiently. 

~ Breaking down your day makes it easy to see which tasks are a true priority and before you know it you have achieved so much more than you ever thought in a 24-hour period!