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Susan Jane

Hi there,

Susan JaneLet me tell you how I got started in this business. I purchased my primary opportunity a few years ago hoping to become a successful affiliate/distributor. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get started. I ordered business cards handed them out to everyone I knew and told them to spread the word. I handed out cards everywhere I went, I even pinned them to the wall at my local Starbucks. I was over-flowing with excitement, I had found a new challenge.

A couple of months passed by when I learned my upline had disappeared, he was apparently “inactive”. So I was now flying blind. I continued to pitched my product to all my friends and family and begged them to tell everyone and anyone they knew about it. I even offered incentives; movie tickets, dinner for two etc. But, it got me no-where and I lost interest altogether, the excitement had gone…… my bubble had been burst!

But, it niggled away in the back of mind, and I would think to myself, there has to be a way to do this, how difficult can it be, where was I going wrong? I’m not one to give up easily and I knew I needed to seek out every avenue possible before I could close the book on this for good.
I discussed it with a couple of friends, who’s reactions were all the same, “oh no, not that again” and “in today’s economy?” I know, very encouraging, but you couldn’t blame them!

So, I knew if I wanted to do this I needed to get as much information as I possibly could and find out how to do this right. With a lot of determination, surfing the internet 24/7 and several cups of coffee, I quickly learned.

With excellent training combined with attraction marketing I was able to build a successful online business. I assist fellow entrepreneurs with their home based business or are interested in making money on the internet. I show them a system to follow to generate leads, so they too can become highly paid experts in their field.  

NOW……I’m having fun and absolutely love what I do. I have that excitement back! 

 “Team Building & Leadership Growth – The ability to grow and lead a team can be personally rewarding. Having the opportunity to tap into the potential of others while you help bring out the best in them really does benefit you in ways that will take you to higher heights in your future. It also forces you to think like a leader, which will separate you from the mediocre population, which consists of nearly 97% of people in the world today.  
When you become a leader, you transcend into the elite population of people who carry the titles of Creator, Leader and Influential. People will respect you more and your posture will be poised more than ever”   ~ Susan Jane

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  1. souleou says:

    This sounds v helpful, inspiring & affirming to my general progress… Am slowly but surely developing plants for life… about to finally move to a new home with the kitchen I’ve been dreaming of for years, which will have space and conditions for growing & nurturing our business 🙂 … So far we have 1 PayPal customer … So far, we have a domain which I’ve never translated into a website… but a growing customer base, acquired via word-of-mouth and direct promotion, of individuals who love our products 😀 … We (i & 20yo daughter) move this w/e, so all focus ahead 😀
    Thank you for your inspiring positive presence in my FB world 😀
    Sarah Thomas, Bristol UK

  2. colin says:

    love the site good for you girl and best of business for 2013 to you loks like you have found yourself

  3. colin says:

    Hi Jane this sounds like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE no upline to help

  4. Continue reaching a great sucess.