Succeeding Online

Succeeding Online

How many  times have you read the statistics that 97% of individuals fail while 3%  are succeeding online and make a living within the Internet Marketing industry? I believe that you’ve heard this again and again however, you may still question how you can position yourself to be added in the 3%.

If you take notice of all those that are successful and generally have an established presence online and give the impression that they’re “everywhere”, you will observe a couple of common denominators which may reveal easy techniques so you can be included in that 3%.

I’ll share with you today a few points to help you start to improve the things you do and how you’re doing them and eliminate your odds of finding yourself in the failing 97%!

1. Be Consistent With Your Marketing – One of the most crucial attributes in Marketing is being consistent. People will not take you seriously if they can’t predict when you’ll show or not.

Your audience needs you to be there daily providing useful information and resources that have them coming back for more.

It’s essential to convince them that you are somebody who they are able to depend on and can trust, so that you can sell them on your products or services.

A top player marketer will have this skill mastered. You would be correct to assume they have a calendar for their own business, with a list of daily and weekly tasks they employ to keep up their marketing presence.

If you want to begin performing just like the 3%’ers, then you will need to begin setting up a calendar of actions/tasks that you will utilize, and be committed to.

2. Understand & Know Your Audience You’re Marketing to & Their Need – A very well-known fact regarding the 97%’ers is they have no idea who they’re really marketing to. Sure, they make time to write articles, shoot videos and write blogs, but 9 times out of 10, in the event you ask them who their target market is, they will most likely decline to respond to the question simply because they have no idea!

Knowing your audience, understanding what their challenges are and just how to manage them is crucial should you truly intend on succeeding. It can make your writing efforts a lot simpler and enables you to, without a doubt connect with the needs your market has.

Before carrying out anymore marketing, ask yourself these questions:

Who’s my target market?

What exactly are they struggling with?

What is it they really want?

How do I give it to them?

3. Have a specific marketing portfolio – Do not limit yourself to only one approach to market your company. You need to get out there and start using diverse marketing techniques for your business, integrating such things as Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing and Social Networking Marketing.

Don’t rush out and try to do them all at once. Choose 1-2 to begin with, whilst developing a strategy to implement them weekly. Once you’ve mastered one, add another and so on, this will help you reach additional exposure from a new audience!

4. Outsourcing and Delegating – Outsourcing and delegating is sooo vital to your company. With so much to maintain in the internet marketing world, one can possibly grow tired and become burned out pretty quickly if they don’t get assistance with areas which are incredibly time-consuming and often very challenging.

The 3%’ers have mastered the skill of handing things over to those who are more skilled and trained in comparison to them. The important thing is discover what it is that you do best and what makes you money, focus on doing those things while handing over the rest.

Outsourcing can be fairly affordable, it’s less expensive than many people realize and should be regarded in your monthly expenses as a “necessary expense”.

As you can tell, becoming a part of the 3%’ers is not so far out of reach. You just need to make a couple of small changes and tweaks to what you have been doing, and you will find that you’re on your way to dominating your niche, succeeding in your efforts while finally making  a decent income doing it.

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succeeding online

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