How to Create a PayPal Buy Now Button

How to Create a PayPal Buy Now Button

If you want to take payments with PayPal on your website, you’ll need to create a Buy Now button. A  PayPal Buy Now button allows users to click a button on your site and pay you for your product using either their PayPal account or a credit card.

Here’s how to create a  PayPal Buy Now button.

Step 1: Navigate to the Button Creation Screen – Click on Merchant Services.

 Then click on Buy Now Button.

Step 2: Choose a Button Type – Click the button type to choose what kind of button you want to create.

Here’s what each button type means:

–       Shopping cart: People can add multiple items from your site before checking out.

–       Buy now: Sells one item and takes people to the payment page immediately.

–       Donations: User chooses how much they want to pay / donate.

–       Gift certificates: Users can purchase cash certificates for use on your site by others.

–       Subscriptions & automatic billing: Sets up billing on a recurring basis.

–       Installment plan: Sells a purchase in multiple payments.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be using the Buy Now button.

Step 3: Name and Price – Enter the name of the product you’re selling and the price. If you’re shipping physical items, give it an item number for fulfillment to easily identify what was purchased.

Step 4: Add Drop Down Menu or Text – If you want to add a drop down menu or text near your button, check the respective boxes.

To customize the button’s appearance further, click “Customize text or appearance.”

Step 5: Customizing Appearance – Here you can choose to use a larger or smaller button, choose whether you want logos displayed, choose the language and choose from a couple of pre-set button texts.

Alternatively, you can also just give PayPal a totally different image to use.

Step 6: Shipping and Taxes – Setup whether or not you want to charge shipping and taxes.

Step 7: Choose Your Merchant ID –  Your merchant ID is what other people see when they’re paying for your product. If you don’t want them to see your email, check the first box. If you don’t mind them seeing your PayPal email, check the second box.

Step 8: Track Inventory, Profit & Loss – If you want to take advantage of PayPal’s inventory and profit tracking system, click the drop down box at the bottom of the page.

All areas are grayed out by default. Click the check boxes to enable each feature. Fill in the needed data for each feature you enable.

Step 9: Messaging, Addresses and Thank You Pages – To customize your checkout purchase further, click Customize advanced features.

Choose whether or not you want buyers to be able to send you a message with the purchase. Also choose whether or not you need the buyer’s physical address.

Finally, add a URL that users should be directed to after completing a purchase.

Step 10: Using the Finished Button – At this point you’ve done everything you need to do to create the button. Just copy and paste the generated code to use it on your website.

You can also click on ‘Email’ to get the plain text link to the checkout page. This can be used to send people to place an order by email, or placed anywhere else in HTML.

Congratulations! We just covered all of the important options to setting up a payment button. You now know how to create a PayPal Buy Now button.

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