The Shift: From Ambition to Meaning | Wayne Dyer

The Shift: From Ambition to Meaning | Wayne Dyer 

Great minds worldwide including Dr. Wayne Dyer have studied and discussed a phenomenon called a “Quantum Moment” or “Peak Experience” This phenomenon has been described as “a moment in which you feel different, moved emotionally… responding to what would otherwise be an ordinary situation, but you respond instead in an extraordinary way… increasing your ability to perceive and process information vital to you and your purpose in being here.”(W. R. Miller & J. C’DeBaca, Anatomy of a Quantum Change. Spirituality & Health, February, 2005) 

Reports from many say a shift occurs within them preceding a quantum moment or peak experience. A quantum moment or peak experience as explained by Abraham Maslow has 4 characteristics.

  1. It’s very vivid
  2. It’s a surprise
  3. It’s benevolent (They always feel good)
  4. It’s enduring (It doesn’t come and go….it lasts with you forever)

When we shift into a different state in our lives, exactly what is supposed to happen, will most certainly happen for us. Often times in our lives, the lowest points, when we think it can’t get any worse….is what we need to propel us to that higher place. Most people who speak about profound shifts and breakthroughs, the moment when their lives changed came not out of “doing”, but actually surrendering and allowing. It is an intangible moment of being open and flexible to the Spirit. Some people call it “letting go and letting God”.

Surrendering to the Spirit opens us up to a shift into the true nature of ourselves and this shift occurs differently for men and women. There was a recent study called “The Moment That Turns Your Values Upside Down”, which took an in-depth look at “The Quantum Moment”. A group of men and women were studied and surveyed about their life values, both before and after experiencing a Peak Experience or Quantum Moment. The entire group was followed over a lifetime and the findings show collectively:

The Top 5 Values for Women Before:

  1. Family  (Taking care of everyone else)
  2. Sense of Independence
  3. Career
  4. Fitting In
  5. Attractiveness

It’s not surprising that the findings show that women suffer from an internal conflict between self-identity and societal roles for women. However, the findings change quite dramatically as women experience Quantum Moments or Peak Experiences:

The Top 5 Values for Women After:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Spirituality
  4. Happiness
  5. Forgiveness

One could conclude that the women shifted into an innate knowing of their value and worthiness as being something that is internal and eternal, rather than external and fleeting. Now let’s take a look at the findings for the men, as they also experienced a profound shift in their values.

The Top 5 Values for Men Before: 

  1. Wealth
  2. Sense of Adventure
  3. Achievement
  4. Idea of Pleasure
  5. To be Respected

Of course men are brought up to be the provider, to be the man so it’s not surprising to see their top 5 values list. However, take a look at the difference a shift makes:

The Top 5 Values for Men After:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Personal Peace
  3. Family
  4. God’s Will (Sense of Purpose)
  5. Honesty

As we move from ambition to meaning that does not mean that we lose ambition. Quite the contrary, we now have ambition with meaning, ambition is transformed into purpose.  We also start to detach from the outcome, which allows us to remove resistance. We then realize that rather than making things happen, we are allowing them to come naturally.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says if we want to see the doors open in our lives, we detach from what the ego says and allow ourselves to live from the Spirit. Lao Tzu spoke about 4 Virtues that he encourages us to live by:

The 4 Virtues:

  1. Reverence for all life (Respect)
  2. Sincerity (Honesty)
  3. Gentleness (Kindness)
  4. Supportiveness (Service to others)

When we shift from ambition to meaning, we also come to realize that this is not a race, we don’t have to run. In fact, we might even slow it down and take a look around rather than chasing everyone.


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