Get More Likes on Facebook

Get More Likes on Facebook

Generating interest in your brand is essential for growth. With a Promoted Page Likes ad, you can quickly get more likes and easily attract new potential customers to your Page. Simply set a daily budget for your ad, target your desired audience, and promote your Page.

Facebook has made it easier than ever to create an ad to encourage more people to like your Page. You can simply promote your Page straight from your admin panel. Once created, people will start seeing  your ad in their news feed or on the right side of Facebook with your Page name, profile picture, and a link that encourages them to like your Page. These ads may appear on mobile or desktop and will run until you stop your promotion.

Typically, three different types of ads will be automatically created. You can view and manage each one from your promotion’s campaign in your Ads Manager.

How Much does It Cost to Promote Your Page from Your Admin Panel

The amount you pay to promote your Page depends on how many people you want to reach. When you choose a bigger budget, more people will see ads encouraging them to like your Page, as a result there’s a better chance of people liking your Page.

Setting your budget –  In the admin panel under Get More Likes click the blue arrow  next to Daily Budget to change the maximum amount you wish to spend each day. You will see the estimated number of new likes your Page could get:

get more likes

Some of the benefits of promoting  your Page

  • Get More Likes – Build a bigger audience for your Page.
  • More Exposure – Reach a larger targeted audience.
  • More Traffic – Attract more daily visitors/customers to your Page.
  • More Interest – Generate more customer conversations and interactions.

How to choose your target audience – When you promote your Page from your admin panel, you can target your ads to people located near your business. Choose from your business’s city, state or country.

How to Target Your Ad

  • Choose your daily budget – Select your budget based on estimated likes your Page can get each day.

  • Choose who you wish to target –  Reach people located near your business by city, state or country.
  • Promote your page – Review your ad and share it with your audience.

target your ad

Your ads will include a link that makes it easy for people to like your Page. Your ads will continue running every day until you stop them.

To stop your Page promotion

  • Open your Page’s admin panel
  • In the Your Page Ad box, click Edit:Stop Ad
  • Click Stop Ad in the lower-left corner
  • In the confirmation box, click Stop Ad

stop your ad on facebook

your page ad




Be sure your Page is complete before launching your Promoted Page Likes ad. The image in your ad is automatically pulled from your profile picture.

Promoting your Page is a simple way to get more likes and expand your audience.

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