Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a very powerful way to advertise and is probably the best way to get the most highly targeted traffic. But it can be a costly one if you are not careful.

We are going to give you some great tools and resources to help you to not have your pay per click experience be a costly one. We are not going to be able to give you everything there is to know about pay per click, that would be almost impossible, but we will give you more than enough to get you off to a great start.

One place we recommend to purchase PPC traffic is Bing –

We also recommend PPV (Pay Per View) traffic. We recommend using Traffic Vance  and Lead Impact to get started on PPV.

It is important to only start with one of these places at a time and once you have one setup and getting results to move onto the next one, set that one up and so on.

Examples Of Keyword Categories:

This is one of the most important parts to setting up a successful Pay Per Click campaign. So many people do this wrong and end up paying the price, of high cost per click and low click-through rates.

Use different company names, top recruiter’s name, and different keywords  that are relevant to the content contained. Keyword categories means just that. Don’t just take all these keywords and throw them into one ad group and think you are going to get results. Pick ONE category and then use the research tool at the bottom of the page to         find as many keyword variations in that category as you can.

Example: Free MLM Leads, MLM Free Leads, Free Leads For MLM, Generate Free       MLM Leads, etc.

If you have one ad group that already has Free MLM Leads as one of the keywords DON’T use that keyword in another ad. You will just be competing with yourself.

Find every keyword variation or expansion that you can on your keyword category and put that in ONE ad group. Don’t just use the generic terms, you want to be as specific as possible.

This will lower the cost that you pay per click and increase the quality of leads that you will get.

In my case, I would want to use keywords to target those who are looking for help with building their home business, or how to generate free leads, or how to attract prospects to them. These are going to be my best leads and will result in more commissions in my pocket.

Use the content contained on your capture page links to get ideas and go after those keywords.

Some Great Keyword categories:

General Industry Terms

Mike Dillard
Home business
multi level marketing
mlm marketing
mlm home business
mlm business
mlm companies
mlm business opportunity
mlm consultant
mlm leads
mlm company
mlm site
mlm trainer
mlm lead
mlm opportunity
mlm consultants
start an mlm business
mlm lead generation
mlm program
mlm training
mlm success
network marketing
network marketing training
network marketing company
home based business network marketing
network marketing success
network marketing business
mlm network marketing
network marketing opportunity
network marketing business opportunity
network marketing leads
network marketing internet business
network marketing lead
network marketing online
internet and network marketing
top network marketing company
network marketing strategy

Examples Of Pay Per Click Ads:

You will want to be creative when placing ads. It is important that you don’t place the same ads as everyone else. You want to be creative as you possibly can to make your ad stand out.

Once you have your keywords picked out and ready you are now ready to create your ads. For better results you are going to want to be sure to use your keyword “category” in your ads. So if I were going after “Building On A Budget” for my keyword category, then I am going to want to use the words “Building On A Budget” in some form within my ad.

Here’s a couple of examples of my Building On A Budget Ad

On A Budget?
Build Your MLM On A Budget
Free Videos Show You How

Wallet A Little Empty?
Free Videos Show You How
To Build Your MLM On A Budget

Again you are going to want to be creative put your own spin on them. Mix and            match them, create your own. Be sure you stand out from the thousands of other ads out there.

Helpful Tools When Building Your Campaigns:

I am not an affiliate for any of the keyword tools listed in this article, I do not make a commission if used. The links in this article are provided as free information only.

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