Get the Opt-In | 8 Step Plan To Lead Generation Success

Get the Opt-in | 8 Step Plan To Lead Generation Success

What does this mean, you may be asking!!

Here’s the deal, once you get people to the site, and present the Free Offer, it’s time to sell them on the opt-in with your HEADLINE!

That’s right, you better have a compelling headline to urge the viewer to feel that they’re missing out if they don’t get access to your training. 

The headline is the teaser, the conversation starter and the appetizer that you use to wet the appetite of your target market.  It makes them say, hmmm, interesting stuff, I think I want to hear more of what he/she has to say!

Step #4 – Get the Opt-in – just to give you an idea of what kind of headlines you need to use to format your offer, here are a few headline template secrets that you can use just in case you’re clueless about this topic:

  •  __ Ways to _________
  •  __ Ways to Avoid __________
  •  __ Reasons Why
  •  __ Steps to ___________
  •  __ Hidden Secrets about ___________ Revealed
  •  __ Little Known Ways 

To determine what things you need to cover in order to create an effective headline, you will need to go back to Step #1.  In Step #1, we discussed if you know your target market, what their common problems are and the solutions that they desire, then you could easily offer them some type of FREE content that educates them on the issue in your opt-in offer.

Take some time to think about something you may have struggled with in the past and how great it felt when you finally had that “so that’s how it’s done” moment.  Now, give them the same experience with the content you offer in your Free Offer!

A word of advise, don’t cheat them on the info. Actually give them GREAT content and value and deliver on your promises. This way, you’ll encourage them to continue to follow you, read your emails and connect with you more in the future.

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