Why You Should Never Discriminate When Prospecting

Why You Should Never Discriminate When Prospecting

When it comes to recruiting, it pays to NEVER discriminate.  I don’t mean that by anything but this…you NEVER can pre-judge who you think will or will not make a great team member!  Just to shed some light on real life scenarios that often occur, I want to share a few of my experiences with you to show you what I mean.

In the world of Network Marketing, there are always examples around you to show you what you should and should not do.  After carefully watching and listening to people’s stories about their recruiting experiences, I have come to observe a lot of interesting things about pre-judging people too far in advance, before they join your business.

First, I’ve seen team members get SUPER excited about someone who they think is going to be the ‘next big thing’.  They came over from another company and they were going to bring in 50 people from that company and take the area by storm!!  And then, not too long afterwards, they fizzle.  No one joins them and no one came with them from their previous company.It becomes blatantly obvious that they’re a dud, and not too long afterwards, just like Houdini, they disappear with all of their should’ve, could’ve would’ve’s  trailing behind them.  

However, I have also seen the total opposite happen. I’ve seen team members start off very laid back in following up with potential recruits because they didn’t think they were ‘really going to make it’. Then that potential recruit gets frustrated at the lack of follow only to join under another person,  pass the top leader up in sales, recruiting and leadership.

There have also been times when I’ve witnessed someone ‘passing’ on a recruit.  The recruit wasn’t a huge performer, and she may not have had the ‘it’ factor. But she recruited 2 people…..and one of those people went on to become a national year-end sales winner. The person who didn’t pass on the initial recruit made a good bonus while the one who passed on the ‘unattractive prospect’ continued to live through his career with regret.

The bottom line is this, ‘those you think will, won’t and ‘those you think won’t, will’ ! This industry can be very tricky and it’s often challenging to determine who’s going to be a producer versus those that will simply become a number. Either way, the best thing you can do when you talk to any new prospect is keep an open mind. Don’t judge anyone and treat everyone equally.

Never underestimate someone because of his or her current ‘income status’ or their profession.  Inside each of us is a dream that is lying dormant and waiting for someone to come and help bring it to life.  You never know who you can unlock from life’s miseries and struggles and those who you can empower by believing in them enough to present them with this amazing opportunity. 

The best thing you can do is present them with the opportunity, and let them decide if they want to move forward or not.  Once you open the doors, you have no idea who you’re letting in and the potential they could have, to bring massive success to your organization…..AND you get the chance to embrace the experience of seeing their lives change.  prospecting

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