How to Use Meta Tags | Get More Traffic to Your Blog

How to Use Meta Tags | Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Meta Tags, also known as just Tags are often overlooked by site owners and bloggers in terms of potential. Furthermore, those who do not understand their use or significance may not appreciate their value. Meta tags will increase traffic coming in to your blog from blog directories. Lets take a closer look at what meta tags are and how they work so you can maximize their use.

Tag…You’re it!A meta tag, is a keyword that is used to label specific information found on a web page. A meta tag uses HTML tags that are hidden from plain sight but are clearly ‘visible’ to web crawlers.

A tag identifies an article; a title, subheading, site description or image…hence the name ‘tag’. They are often used as tools to ping multiple search engines, create a presence in social bookmarking and to drive traffic to your blog. By adding tags, it makes it simpler for your site, article or web page to be found in search engines where they are supported. 

Using Meta Tags to Drive More Traffic The identification, tag, informs a search engine bot or spider what your site is about and how it should be indexed. If you choose and design the right combination of tags for your blog, you’ll be able to manipulate the number and type of traffic from blog directories.

Blog directories are repositories of information and news regarding the types of blogs available for a particular topic or subject. They are useful sources of highly targeted traffic for your own blog. 

Maximize the Use of Blog DirectoriesChoose your words carefully, remember, your blog is just one of millions out there vying for  attention. Even if you’re trying to build a reputation within a relatively smaller niche industry, you will still be competing with many others in your market segment. Careful consideration in choosing the specific keywords/ tags to use with your blog will help you stand out in blog directories.

There Are 3 Tags You Should Focus on to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

1.The Title Tag – The title of each blog entry should contain the most essential keywords that appear in your article or are relevant to your content. This will optimize your entry and make it easier for search engines to find and index. 

Prospective visitors who perform a search using Google, Yahoo! or MSN Search, for example, will be able to reach an optimized blog, since it’s more likely to appear in a search engine list. As a result, you drive more traffic to your blog.

2. The Description Tag / Meta Description.  Although description tags are sometimes ignored by search engines, adding this to your blog can help influence how your blog (or at least its web pages) is described. 

3. The Keyword Tag / Meta Keyword  The keyword tag is the word or phrase that you will repeat within the content body or web page in question. Used strategically, these keywords can help increase your blog’s results in search engines and bring in more traffic to your site by allowing visitors to easily find you.

Tip – By combining your keywords, you will be able to create highly targeted key phrases to optimize your blog….. 3-4 word key phrases is good. Also, multiple word tags are advantageous to single word searches . If you use a keyword phrase tag that says ‘rock paper scissors’, for example, your blog has the potential to show up when a person uses only the word ‘rock’ or ‘paper’ in their search.

Don’t Overdo the Use of Tags Tags can become addictive. You may find yourself using tags that have little relevance to your blog. This can happen when you try too hard to make sure that your blog or web page appears in more listings. 

Although it may seem like a good idea to help increase traffic to your blog particularly as a means to shine in blog directories, overuse of tags can be counter-productive. Try to be careful in choosing only the kind of tags that your blog truly needs. Leaner, but highly targeted tags are much more effective than generic ones.

A good tag will gain initial interest in your blog and increase traffic coming from blog directories.  However, it can only do so much. Now that you have traffic beating at your door, make sure that the content associated with your tag/s is well worth your visitor’s click. It should offer specific information for a specific purpose and should include the content that you so readily promised in your links, otherwise you will not earn the trust of a loyal readership or following.

A baited title that lacks the backing of useful content will be viewed as a cheap trick and won’t earn you a lot of respect…or traffic.                                seo

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