How to Merge Facebook Pages

How to Merge Facebook Pages

Did you know that if you have more than one Page for the same thing, it is possible to merge Facebook Pages. 

You can merge Facebook Pages you own and control as long as they represent the same thing. However, you will only be able to merge the duplicate Page with the fewest likes into the one with the most likes.

This is how to merge Facebook Pages:

  • Go to your Page with the most likes. This will be the Page you will keep.
  • From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  • Select Update Info
  • From the left sidebar, select Resources.
  • Click the Merge duplicate Pages link. This link will only appear if you manage two Pages with similar names.
  • A dialogue will show the Pages you manage that qualify to be merged. Select the Page(s) you wish to merge. If you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address listed in the about section.

Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content from the Page with fewer likes, such as wall posts, photos and its username, will be permanently deleted. Content on the Page with the most likes will remain unchanged, except for the addition of likes and check-ins added from the Page with fewer likes.

Be SURE to copy everything from the pages you are merging that you want to keep, such as photos, videos, etc. The ONLY thing that will be saved from these pages will be your fans…. they will be combined with the fans of your ‘kept’ page. Everything else will be deleted and there will be no way to retrieve it.

*** The Page with fewer likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to un-merge it.

In order to avoid any confusion, be sure to post a comment to your fans of the Page you are merging and pin it to the top in advance, informing them of the name of the Page you will be merging to. This will be helpful especially when they see posts in their feed from the “new” Page name. You may want to give them the URL to your “kept” page since some fans save pages in their ‘favorites’ list.

The above instructions are for merging Facebook Pages only. There are completely different instructions for converting Facebook Profiles (personal) to Pages, which you can read here: Why You Should Convert Your Profile to a Fan Page

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