How to Market Your Blog

How to Market Your Blog

So, you finalized your blog, have it up and running, you’ve written a couple of articles and you’re ready to take the internet by storm. Except, there’s just one important thing you need to make it happen: readership. Having your blog set up and looking good doesn’t mean that people will instantly be falling over themselves to read it. For that to happen, you will want to employ some blog marketing skills.

Marketing isn’t just about driving as many people to your blog as possible; it also means engaging them and keeping them as loyal readers. It means having a loyal and sustainable following.

So, how do you drive hordes of readers to your blog on a regular basis? Read on to find out.

Build up your readers’ trust in you. People come to your site hoping they can find something useful. They don’t want to see a kilometric array of ads designed to make you a quick buck. Focus on being helpful and giving trustworthy information. Give your readers what they’re looking for, whether it’s cooking tips or car care or the best movies they can spend their money on this month. Make a good first impression and it will keep them coming back to your blog.

Look like a pro. Face it: people will see your blog before they can even start reading it. Part of making a good impression is to have the appropriate design in place. Does your blog have a memorable name? Does it have a logo or an eye-catching style? Is it easy to navigate?

Make it easy for readers to spread the word. Have your RSS icon clearly visible on your sidebar so people can easily add you to their feeds. Make sure your posts have a Share option for every major social media site out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. With these available, it’s a cinch for your readers to spread your posts to their network.

Collaborate with bloggers from your niche. There is definitely strength in numbers. Bloggers don’t have to be in competition with each other for readership—they can actually help each other by sharing information and linking with each other’s pages. You can gain an instant following if a blog leader of a particular niche does you the great favor of linking to your site. So make an effort to look for bloggers with the same interest as yours and start interacting with them. Comment on their pages, link to their sites, show the proper respect and appreciation, and you’ll find you’ll get the same right back.

Use other social media tools. There’s a ton of them out there: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Stumbleupon, blog carnivals and many more. Link your articles to these sites. Build a fan page or group on Facebook too. If you can make videos, put them up on Facebook or YouTube to maximize your traffic. There’s a lot you can do, so keep your eyes and mind wide open.

Optimize your blog with long tail keywords. Google’s keyword generator will help you big time here. Keywords put you on the map of Google and Yahoo searches, but long-tail keywords will move you up to the front pages of searches by focusing on a particular group of people. True, this group will be smaller, but they will be the ones who’ll want to read your content! As such, going with the keyword “movie reviews” is not equal to “2011 sci-fi movie reviews”.  

Of course, there is one sure way to market your blog and that’s to regularly write good content. Write about something you want to write about and that other people will want to read. Creating honest, easy to understand, and memorable content is the best marketing tool there is and if you can do this every day you will have all the readership you want.

how to market your blog


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