How to Make Money With Your Blog

How to Make Money With Your Blog

There are millions of blogs live on the internet today, most of which are just occupying space without much to show in terms of inbound leads. While there are several that give good results, only a small percentage of people who would like to be making money from their blog, actually succeed. There are ways in which you can make a reasonable amount of money with your blog, instead of it occupying space for no apparent reason.

Some of the ways you can make money with your blog:

Opt-In Email Marketing – Once you realize that your blog has massive inbound traffic and you would like to make money out of it, you will need to give people a reason to give you their personal details like their name, email address, and any other relevant information that you may need. You need your visitors to feel that they have a reason to come back to your blog. This could be through insightful information, free e-books, coupons etc. Once you have their details, you can use it to email them information regarding your products through online newsletters, posters, flyers etc. This will increase your sales. You can also advertise other companies through your newsletters and blog posts and, by setting up your blog to automatically email your latest post to your opt-in list.

Affiliate Marketing Programs – There are a number of platforms that market products that allow other blogs and websites to affiliate themselves with their marketing programs. Some of these platforms will require that you have reasonable traffic before becoming an affiliate, while others are simply based on getting exposure to their product and thus, making sales. Some examples are, Google Affiliates Network, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, ShareASale and there are many more that will give you an opportunity to make money with your blog. You can also combine your opt-in list to reach out to more people.

Selling services – For someone who has special skills in a particular field, you can sell your services on your blog and combine it with some deep content. You could sell article writing, web design, dog training tips, toilet fixing guides or any other service that you are good at. You must provide interesting and helpful information for your visitors.

Advertising other Companies – Many companies are always looking for that extra leeway to reach out to more customers. Apart from the companies that you can get from within your locality or direct contact, there are also other major website avenues like Google AdSense, Fastclick, ClickBank, ClickSense that allow you to have products advertised on your blog with payments made based on clicks or purchases made by your blog visitors.

Marketing Research on Widget – To reach out to as many people as possible with a particular survey or research, there are companies that will pay you to have their survey or research widgets on your blog and pay you based on how many people participate in the activity.

Selling Premium Content – Selling content on your blog is not very easy if the content is not very powerful since there are so many blogs and websites that give free information. To be able to actually sell your content, you can develop light content that drives your visitors towards getting into the deeper content and then asking them to pay some amount to access the premium content.

Sell Sub-Pages – Though there are already several major platforms that sell sub-pages, you can also start selling and offering some services that will pull more people towards your deals. The more customers you get for your sub-pages, the higher ranking and subsequently, an avenue for more customers.

There are several other ways to make money with your blog, these are just a few examples of the most popular ways. Making money from a blog, as you can see can be made pretty simple. Remember, you must create well-optimized blog posts that hook people in.

More money will start streaming in the moment you start optimizing your blog for that purpose.


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