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How Can I Make Money Online & How Much?

There is no direct answer to this since everyone is going to have different experiences online based on their work ethic, interest, motivation, niche etc. However, there are some factors you can consider that can influence how you make money online and how much:

  • Is there a demand for your product?
  • Are you targeting your traffic?
  • Are you converting traffic into paying customers?

Whether you’re working your business full-time or part-time, the time and effort you put into your business will reflect in your results.

How Can I Be Successful with My Business?

If you have done your research and there is a demand for the type of information, service, or product you have to offer then there is always a way to be successful.

Make sure you are prepared, motivated and have a great marketing system to learn how to build and market your product/business.

How Can I Separate Myself from the Competition?

Increase your value and then give your prospects your value. Market as a leader and help your prospects first. Provide solutions to their problems. Share things that you’ve learned personally, it brings a unique element to your brand and your business. People can get generic information anywhere, but it’s those personalized insightful messages that tend to resonate with your audience, so make it a habit to share! 

Remain true to yourself and be genuine. 

How Can I Market My Business?

You need to have a blog or a website. I prefer blogging as it’s an excellent way to establish an internet presence. The more traffic, the more lucrative your blog will be and of course, with consistent traffic you can make money through commissions from affiliate products that are purchased through your referral.

I always recommend that new bloggers focus on growing traffic before trying to monetize their blogs. You need to build a reputation within your market, generate as many back links as possible and push your website out in front of as many potential prospects as possible before you focus on making money from your blog.

You need a captive audience, a loyal following and return visitors who find your website informative, useful, interesting and worth returning to time and time again.

Blogging helps with personal branding! When you have a blog, you can shine in your niche by providing content relevant to your target audience.

questions prospects ask How Can I Make Money Online | Questions Prospects Ask


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