Losing Money on LinkedIn

Losing Money on LinkedIn

There are over 100 million users on LinkedIn. Research shows that the average salary of LinkedIn members is roughly $100,000 per year. LinkedIn is the “go to” social networking platform for business professionals. Keep in mind that ‘networking’ is the key word in that phrase that you want to strongly consider. You will find corporate CEOs, writers, business owners, sales executives and upper level managers on LinkedIn. If you want to connect with this type of professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be!

Why you’re losing money if you’re not using LinkedIn

1.  You have no verifiable network – LinkedIn users are the type of people that created networking. You have to get to know LinkedIn members. They don’t care about the quantity of relationships you have. They care about the quality of those relationships. LinkedIn shows how many degrees of separation are between two people. Chances are they know someone who knows you. That is how business gets done. People of this caliber do business with people they know or with people to whom they are referred. LinkedIn verifies your network by mapping it out between two people.

2. You’re not connecting with financially qualified people – One of the issues we have as marketers is that we market to people with no money and then wonder why we’re not making any money! It is unlikely that you will have that problem on LinkedIn. As mentioned earlier, the average income on LinkedIn is $100,000. There are millionaires on LinkedIn. Why not spend your time building relationships with leads that are at a minimum financially qualified?

3. You’re not connecting with producers – LinkedIn members have a production mindset. These are not just any ordinary employees on LinkedIn. These individuals have experience producing results. Corporate CEOs need to produce profits, writers need to produce books and sales executives need to produce sales. Aren’t these the types of people you want in your business? The only training you should have to do with this type of person is orienting them to your opportunity atmosphere.

4. You’re not showcasing your qualifications – On your LinkedIn Profile, you can share about yourself. You share where you went to school, your job history and your accomplishments. Using your profile, you can also share about your products and services. When someone searches for help in your field of expertise, you can bet that they are going to be a paying customer. Having recommendations for your work will also boost your credibility.

5. You have not established yourself as a leader – When you create a LinkedIn Group, you are automatically a leader. People who join your group are looking for something. They are looking to connect with others like them and they are looking to be connected with you. Use a group platform to establish yourself as a thought leader. Feed your group with information relevant to the group. Share your URL with them. This will generate traffic to your blog and your group members will learn more about you.

You are losing money if you’re not on LinkedIn. Why? The answer is simple, this is the place to find the most qualified leads for your business – whether product, service, or opportunity. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you are invisible.

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