Joining A Facebook Fan Page By Text Message

Joining A Facebook Fan Page By Text Message

Although this has been around for a while, it appears there are many that still do not
know this. Did you know your Facebook fans can join your Facebook fan page by text message?

Well, they can. This is a great way to get more likes to your fan page. You will need to
get your first 25 fans and secure your page’s vanity URL/username.

Then, this is what you need to do:

1. The number you are texting to is: 32665 (these numbers spell fbook, so easy to

2. The message you are texting is:  like yourfanpageusername (fill in with whatever the fan page username is).

There IS a space between like and yourfanpageusername.

I have confirmed that this works on USA and UK cell phones as long as the cell phone
does already  have  a Facebook account associated with it.

This is a great, yet simple trick you can use for webinars, live presentations, twitter

All you need to do is ask everyone to get out their cell phones and join your fan page by
texting:  like yourfanpageusername  to 32665  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Try it out now, to become a fan of my fan page (Susan Jane), you would text:  like susanjane977 to 32665   since that’s my username for my fan page.


About Susan Jane

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