WordPress | Themes

WordPress | Themes 

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to edit because of  themes. A theme allows you to change how your site looks with the click of a button. WordPress themes are designed to be complete design packages, with everything from the fonts to the sidebars to the headers all designed to harmonize with one another.

How to Customize Your Themes in WordPress.

Step 1: Navigate to the Theme Installation Page – Click on “Themes” under the navigation menu.

Then click “Install Themes” along the top.

Step 2: Search or Browse – Search or browse for the theme you want. If you choose to browse, you can browse by “featured,” “newest,” or “recently updated.”

If you choose to search, just type in a keyword and hit “search.” You can also narrow down your results by checking the boxes to let WordPress know what kind of themes you’re interested in.

Step 3: Browse and Preview – WordPress will give you a number of different themes for you to look through. Scroll through the thumbnails of themes until you see one you’re interested in, click “Preview” to see a full-page version of what your site would look like with that theme.

Step 4: Installing a Theme – Once you’ve selected a theme, just click “Install” to install the theme.

Once the theme is installed, you need to click “Activate” to have the theme go live on your site.

That’s all there is to installing and activating a new theme!

Step 5: Editing Your Sidebar – WordPress has a unique system for editing sidebars called “widgets.” Widgets allow you to drag and drop different elements into different sidebars to customize the look of your site.

Depending on the theme you chose, you might have one, two or even three sidebars. Widgets are what allow you to create different kinds of looks for all your different sidebars.

To access the widgets menu, click “Widgets” on the left sidebar.

Then just drag and drop the widgets you want into the sidebar you want them to appear in.

Step 6: Changing the Page Header – Your header is one of the most important aspects of your entire design. It colors the entire look of your site.

How you upload a new header depends on the theme that you’ve installed. Most themes have a header upload feature that allows you to quickly and easily upload new headers. Though the actual upload location varies from theme to theme, usually it’s under the “Appearance” section.

For example, with the “Raindrops” theme, the header upload section is here:

All you need to do to upload a new header is click “Choose File” and select the file you want to upload.

Finally, by default many themes will display header text within the header. You can either turn this on or off; at times you can also customize the text a bit.

That’s how to choose a new theme and how to customize the sidebars and the header. Using these tools, you can create a wide variety of different looks for just about any audience.

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