Increase Your Facebook Talking About This Number

Increase Your Facebook Talking About This Number

Building a Presence

When you start your Facebook Fan Page, be sure to add a compelling profile picture that highlights the subject or title of your Page and can be easily identified in news feeds. Your Facebook Page really comes to life when you interact with your fans. Remember, your message reaches a broader audience when people like, share, or comment on your posts and this will increase your Facebook talking about this number. Share photos, videos and ask questions to build a personal relationship with your fans.

1. Have a Strategy

Own your story – what is your unique voice? How can you bring your story to life in a compelling, authentic and personal way?

Know your audience – who are your fans and followers? How will they want to connect with you? What content will be important to them and keep them engaged?

Define your goals – what kind of relationship do you want to have with the people who connect to your Page? How much time can you spend updating your Page? Besides telling your story, do you also want to use your Page to build awareness around your events, fundraisers or drive sales? Defining and prioritizing your goals will help you create your Page posting strategy. 

2. Have a Posting Plan 

People see your Page updates alongside posts from their friends, so share some content that is interesting and personal. Posting awesome content will spark conversations on Facebook and people will share your updates with their friends.

Project Your Voice – Be conversational, personal, and authentic. If you are an individual, take the time to post directly. If your Page is for an organization, find a first-person voice that is personal, not promotional.

  • When engaging viewers, let your true personality shine thru, e.g. witty or direct; be natural like you are with your friends.
  • Share personal stories and pictures of you hanging out with your friends, family and pets or, updates from members of your organization’s team.

Create a Conversation – Build a dialogue with your community on your Page.

  • Call people to action by asking questions in your status updates and urging people to post or comment.
  • Use the questions app to poll your community and get instant feedback.
  • Respond to the comments – people will be thrilled to know that you are listening.
  • Make your supporters the stars. If someone posts something great on your Page, repost it, thank them and respond personally

Offer a Rich Experience – Bring your story to life with rich content that captures your message and engages your audience.

  • Use photos and videos. Visuals are always more compelling than text.
  • Create Facebook events to highlight appearances or campaigns. Encourage your audience to attend and invite their friends.
  • Share links to breaking news, important events, and entertaining videos.
  • Celebrate your milestones. Once you reach a significant number of likes, post a comment thanking your audience and telling them how much their support is appreciated.

Share Exclusive Content – Post items on Facebook that people can’t find anywhere else.

  • Take the time to post directly to your Facebook Page, auto-posting from other sources are obvious and can be a turn-off.
  • Schedule regular posts on specific topics, like a weekly highlight on the “fan of the week”
  • Bring your community behind the scenes – post pictures back stage or on stage at an event or give your audience a sneak peek of a new project.

You can see how fast your Facebook Page is growing by checking your insights which is located on your page. You can analyze and monitor what’s happening with your Page’s visitors, increased connections and interactions.

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