Facebook | Twitter Tip

Facebook | Twitter Tip 

I posted this little Facebook / Twitter TIP a month or so ago, but I get asked this question more than anything else. Probably because I do it all the time myself. When I post something on my Facebook page, I usually post it on Twitter also, manually. I know you can set it up on auto, but I like the tweet to show that I posted it, not some automated system and I can add a personal touch when I want. The question is “how do you tweet a post?”

  • Under the Facebook post you want to tweet is a timestamp, click on that.
  • Now copy the URL that appears in the address bar in your browser.
  • You may want to shorten the link. I use bitly but, whichever one you use is fine. 
  • Now paste that link (URL) into your tweet and add whatever message you like.

Now remember, if you just copy & paste your post to Twitter, it WILL NOT open on your Facebook page. If you want to bring your Twitter traffic to your Facebook page, you need to follow the instructions above so the URL to the post is included in your tweet.

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