Facebook Fan Page | COLD HARD FACTS

Facebook Fan Page | COLD HARD FACTS

You may not want to hear this but…

  • After liking your Facebook fan page, fans very rarely return, FACT!
  • When fan page owners post on their wall, it is seen by less than 10% of their fans.
  • Most fans have never even seen your welcome tab, or any of your tabs.
  • If a fan posts on your Facebook fan page, other fans do not see it in their feed.
  • Facebook fans only see the page owner’s posts if they interact with your page.

Just because you, the page owner, go to your Facebook fan page daily, don’t go thinking your fans do too, because they don’t.  

Your fans see your posts thru their news feed. The news feed is set by default to top posts, which means Facebook uses its Edge Rank and Graph Rank algorithms to show people the stories it thinks they will be interested in.

By keeping track of what posts you like and comment on, it will determine what you may be interested in.The algorithm for showing you posts in your news feed also determines whether you interact more with photos, status updates, or videos. Once your fans stop seeing your posts, it’s very hard to get them back. Therefore, it’s crucial you start engaging your fans while you’re increasing your numbers and continue to engage them on a daily basis. You need your fans to like and comment on your posts or they will stop seeing them in their feed.

Fans that haven’t interacted with your page for a couple of months probably aren’t even seeing your posts.

It’s imperative that you get your fans to like and comment on your posts or they will stop seeing them.

Will your fans become unreachable FOREVER? – If some of your fans haven’t interacted with you for a couple of months, it will be hard to get your posts in front of them again. One of the best ways to get them back is to advertise.

Engaging your audience – There are several ways you can post to attract and engage your audience. Here are a couple of examples:

  •  Ask them to “Click like if….”
  • For comments ask a question and say ‘Tell me in the comments below…”
  • To direct them to your blog or website, just say “click this link” but, tell them why
  • Photos, pictures, videos and quotes are an excellent way to engage your audience.

Posting Links – When you post a link, the photo (thumbnail), page title and description are automatically inserted into your post. If you’re not happy with the way they look, you can change them. Just click on the title, erase it and type in whatever you want, do the same with the description.Be sure to choose the appropriate thumbnail, you want the one that stands out and looks the most interesting. If you don’t like any of the thumbnails, just check the box for ‘no thumbnail’.

Make sure you include a call to action like one of these:

 “I just wrote a new article for my blog, check it out because”….tell them why or what the benefit of reading it is.

 “Click here NOW to get this one time offer”

Your blog article should already have a great, catchy title, so you will not need to add anything else to it in your Facebook post. One little trick that I have learned to do, which I tested out for a week and it works: If you include an interesting paragraph from your article, when posting your link, not only do you grab the viewer’s attention leaving them wanting to read more, you will get more likes on that post on your Facebook fan page…  ..see Facebook Tips

ALWAYS include a picture, something eye-catching and fitting to your article. 

Now you’ve made interesting, eye-catching posts and you’re getting likes and comments, what do you do?

Interact – It is crucial you interact with your audience; respond to their comments but, don’t overdo it by suffocating them. Give your viewers a chance to breathe and interact with each other. Wait until you have about 4-7 comments before you comment, then you can comment on their comments and strike up conversations. Also, don’t forget to thank your viewers. If you notice the same fan coming back repeatedly,be sure to mention how you appreciate their support and get to know them, you need to develop a rapport with your audience.

Always thank a fan for sharing your post, when you do, you will see this same fan will share other posts again and again.

Also, see previous article 10 Ways to Promote your Facebook Fan Page

Pests – That’s what I call them; others call them difficult or annoying fans and a few other choice words! Every now and again, you’re going to run into a Pest. For whatever  reason Pests think Facebook is a dating site, which as we all know, it is not! In situations such as these, you can try to deal with it politely or you can ‘hide’ the post by clicking in the right hand corner of that specific post or depending on the content of the post, you can block the fan. If you delete the post immediately, it may just trigger more posts from that particular fan.

Complaints – Luckily I haven’t run into this one, yet! But, if any of your viewers do have an issue with anything related to your business or fan page, address it, apologize and fix it. The worst thing you can do is ignore it.

Remember, your customer service is public in social media, so you don’t want to give a wrong impression.

Dealing with a comment that makes you want to blow a fuse!

The majority of people know not to write an email when angry, the same goes for a Facebook comment. You may get very tempted to fire back with something, don’t!

Before you get your knickers in a twist, stand up step away from your laptop and take a deep breath. Now, go do something unrelated to your business.

 Now, remember what I said previously; if the inappropriate comment is posted on your Facebook fan page wall, it is not distributed to your fans news feed. Only a small percentage that actually come back and visit your page will see it. So, you have some time to calm down, take a breather and make yourself a cup of tea.

Once you feel calm and relaxed, you can address it with a clear mind, instead of with your emotions.

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