Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips                     

You will find many Posts and Pages thru-out this site with info, ideas and updates for Facebook. Sometimes I find little tips which aren’t enough to make a post. I will include them in this little corner of my blog! 

Tip : When posting your blog article on your Facebook page, include a small paragraph or 6-7 lines from a paragraph. This will get you more likes on your post on your Facebook page AND get you more traffic to your blog. You can do this manually or if you use wp SEO by Yost plug-in, there is a section on the edit page under ‘social’ where you can insert the paragraph of your choice for Facebook & Google+ if you don’t want to use the meta description.

Facebook Update: Fans can now interact directly with brands/fan pages via private message. Over the next few weeks, admins/page owners will begin to see a message button on their page, allowing fans to contact them directly. Brands can also respond to individual wall posts through private message, as long as a fan initiates the conversation.

Facebook TIP:  When you decide to start a Facebook fan page, make sure you start an actual Fan page and not a personal profile page. Profile pages are maxed out at 5,000 friends whereas fan pages can have an unlimited amount of fans and when used for business, frowned upon by Facebook! 
Also, fan pages are indexed by search engines, personal profiles are not.

Idea of the Month – Sometimes people don’t always have the big sales or recruiting

….but they still contribute some GREAT ideas to the team!  Recognize them!  Not only does the recognition feel good, but you’ll find MORE great ideas coming in each month. 

Send a nice certificate – with a box of energy saver bulbs!