Facebook Private Messages for Pages

Facebook Private Messages for Pages

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked about Facebook private messages for Pages. In this article I will address this, and hopefully answer most of those questions.

When you Like a Facebook Page this does not automatically give the Page admins or owner the ability to send you private messages. But, if you choose to send a private message to a Page, then the Page admin or owner  can reply and you can receive a private message in response.

How to Send a Facebook Private Message to a Page – If a Page has turned on the option to allow people to send messages to it, you can send a private message by clicking the Message button in the upper-right corner of the Page. Only the admins of the Page will be able to view and respond to your message.

Not all Pages have private messaging enabled. If you’re unable to send a message to a particular Page, it’s likely the Page’s admins have turned the feature off. To contact a Page with messages turned off, try posting on their Page.

Unwanted Messages – There are a number of options for managing what you receive in your inbox, to prevent unwanted messages or spam from a Page. From the message, open the ‘Actions Menu’ in the upper-right corner of your inbox. From here, you can choose to delete the message, mark it as spam, report the conversation or move the message to the ‘Other’ folder.

Messaging for Pages Admins & Owners

Messages for Pages allows you to have one-on-one conversations with people who’ve contacted your Page. Engage your audience personally by responding to messages, answering questions and soliciting feedback. Keep in mind that people have the option to move messages to their ‘Other’ folder, so remember to keep your responses relevant and only write back when a response is expected.

When someone sends a private message to your Page, you’ll receive a notification in your Page’s admin panel. Additionally, if you switch to use Facebook as your Page persona, you’ll see a messages notification icon in the upper-left corner of the site. A red bubble will display the number of new messages you’ve received. Click on the notification to see and respond to messages sent to your Page.

To respond to a message your Page has received:

1. Visit your Page’s inbox to select the message you want to respond to

2. Type your response in the box below the message

3. Click Reply

  • You can only send messages to people who’ve contacted you on your Page.
  • You can’t message someone who likes your Page unless they’ve messaged the Page.

Turning off Private Messaging:

 1.  From the top of your Page, click ‘Edit Page’

 2. Select ‘Manage Permissions’

 3. Uncheck the box next to Show “Message” button on [Your Page Name]

Messaging people attending an event hosted by your Page – The ability to send a message to your guest list is no longer available. You can still use your event’s Wall to get in touch with the people you’ve invited to your event. This will keep all of your event info in one place, and anyone who joins can see these extra details.

The Admin Panel – This is a where you can quickly see how your Page is performing.

From your admin panel, you can:

  • View Page notifications
  • Respond to messages
  • View your Page insights
  • Invite friends
  • View new likes

To open the admin panel, click ‘Show’ at the top right corner of your Page. To close the admin panel, click ‘Hide’ at the top right corner of your Page.

Non-admins who visit your Page can not see the admin panel. It’s only visible to Page admins.

If you still have questions, come on over to my Page; Susan Jane I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

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