How to Get More Exposure for your Blog | Free Exposure

How to Get More Exposure for your Blog | Free Exposure

Don’t fall into the trap of spending hours and hours of perfecting your blog to look awesome, only to fail at getting noticed. So many bloggers waste time and money producing great content, but then it’s not seen by the people who are looking for what they have.

Some of the plainest blogs out in cyberspace get tons of consistent traffic, because they understand how to get their content all over the internet. The strategies I’m going to share with you today, are all free. Pay close attention to what I am about to say, because you can accomplish laser targeted traffic for free.

Automated processes really help with cutting down on major time spent in front of the computer. After investing some time with several sites, you will have your blog posts blasted to over 50+ sites simultaneously.

Once you have a blog, you should also have at least one profile on each of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s an easy way to link your blog to your social media profiles so that every time you create a new blog post it will automatically be sent to your social media profiles as well. Networked Blogs will connect your blog to your Facebook profile, while Twitter feed will link your blog to your Twitter profile. Your LinkedIn account enables you to link your blog to your profile as well.

Another strategy to get more exposure for your content is to take blog posts and create individual Squidoo lenses for each post. When you put your content on trusted sites it creates backlinks that serve your blog well over time by generating a traffic stream from that trusted site straight to yours if they like what they see on your lenses.

You also want to comment on high-profile blogs within your niche, because most bloggers have a feature on their blog that will list your blog’s URL with your comment. Just make sure that you are leaving valuable and engaging comments that add to the conversation.

These are just a few free strategies that you can start implementing today that will increase your blog’s exposure, which leads to more traffic. Additionally, if you are giving valuable content, tips and training on the front end, you are grooming your visitors to not only return, subscribe and engage, but they will be more likely to follow what you are up to and convert to sales and more.

Social media is a gold mine for your blog if utilized in the proper way. Lastly, joining groups on these social platforms will further extend your reach, but just be certain to join relevant groups as it relates to your content. Otherwise you will come across as a cheeseball spammer.


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    Great information Susan. I’m applying some of your tips to building my blog.. Thank you,


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