Earn Some Extra Cash | While Building a Home Business

Earn Some Extra Cash | While Building a Home Business

Some online entrepreneurs have full-time jobs while they grow their home business, and there are others who find a way online to earn some extra cash while building a home business. 

These days, a large majority of people may have a “side-hustle” to earn some extra cash to bring into the household. Having extra income can serve as bill money, gas money, or to help sustain a growing business. When building a home business, most people must have a steady stream of income that will pay for overhead, like the recurring monthly fees associated with doing business. 

If you don’t have recurring income, but you have recurring bills, then you have a problem. Too often there are people who are sold on the dream of a lifestyle portrayed and promoted particularly in the Network Marketing industry, where there is overnight success, and boatloads of cash, and luxurious living, with no ball and chain of a 9-to-5 job. Unfortunately, they are misled into believing that if they join XYZ Company they will earn five figures in 90 days. 

The truth of the matter is you must be in a position to pay an auto-ship every month, and for most people who join network-marketing opportunities that auto-ship is yet another monthly bill that they don’t have the money for. So, rather than having a moneymaking opportunity on their hands, they now just have another bill. 

It takes time for most people to make money in network marketing, and most people never make enough to live on. However, if you are in it to win it and need a way to earn some extra cash to cover business expenses, then you may want to look into freelance work. 

There are ways online to earn money quickly and have it deposited directly into your bank or PayPal account. The following is a short list of avenues where you can work from home and earn some extra cash.

  1. Freelance Writing –  Online companies such as Demand Studios pay their writers $15+ per article. 
  2. Remote Customer Service Contractor – Companies like Convergys, LiveOps, Alpine Access and many more hire contractors and employees to work from home as customer service agents. Pay usually ranges from $8-14/hr with part-time and full-time shifts available. 
  3. Virtual Employee –  If you want to be an employee in order to take advantage of medical/dental benefits while still working from home, then companies like Enterprise, UnitedHealth Group, Hilton Hotels, and many more hire virtual employees for a wide range of positions. 

Companies are realizing that it makes more sense and is cost-effective to hire at-home workers. Therefore, there are more legitimate avenues for people to earn income from home. However, keep in mind that most at-home jobs pay less than working in a brick and mortar business. But, if you are using this avenue as a stepping-stone to help fund your own home business venture, this may be just what you need.

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