Build Your Business | Make Money

Build Your Business | Make Money

Having your own business is fun! However, there’s one problem many people in the network marketing industry get caught up in, and that’s doing all the fun stuff in their business. They get so involved with this part of their business, they neglect to build their business and make money.

They spend more time working on all the fluff, rather than working to build their business.

Working On the Fluff in Your Business

Working on all the fluff in your business, is all the outside stuff. The things like making flyers, pretty labels, designing Facebook posts, organizing your desk, purging your email inbox, cleaning your office, organizing your computer files, making cute word and excel documents for your business, etc….it’s all just fluff.  These are all great things and can be essential to the inner workings of your business…if done quickly and efficiently. But, the problem arises when the majority of your time is being spent doing this outside stuff…this is not going to build your business and make money.

It’s amazing how quickly the hours pass by when you are working on all the fluff for your business. You feel BUSY. But, at the end of the day when you take a good look at what you have accomplished, what do you see?  If there’s no items checked off your priority projects, chances are you were not been working to build your business. 

You may have been doing things like the following: 

–        Messing with a new flyer to make it “just right”- Often times this is something that could have been repurposed!

–       Spent time talking on the phone about your business to a friend/team member etc – Talking about what you COULD do? Fussing with prospects that really are not interested??

–       Spent time playing with new display ideas – TOO much time. Could you use OTHER people’s ideas and not reinvent the wheel?

Build Your Business and Make Money

Working on building your business is the guts and glory of your business. The networking, prospecting, recruiting, follow up, leading and training, these are all the things that build your business and make it grow, and make a huge difference if you want to make money.

When you are spending time taking care of business, make sure you are sticking to a schedule. What should you be working on?  Your schedule should rarely have things like organize my desk on it.  Instead, you should have highly focused Income Producing Activities listed as a priority on your daily schedule. Then all the fluff of your business activities can be handled after your top 5-6 priority projects have been completed.

Every time you get ready to start a task for your business ask yourself, “Is this something that will make money?”  Next, ask yourself “Is there something else I could be doing instead that would move me closer to my short term or long term goals?”

These two questions can generally get you focused on things that will get you working most efficiently to build your business.  Remember, when you get to the end of the day and look back at what you have accomplished, you want to see that you have checked off items from your priority projects…which, in turn will get you closer to your goals. 

Such items may include the following:

–       Called 5 new prospects – Recruited, followed up, or follow ups scheduled.

–       Scheduled opportunity meeting with 3 new prospects.

–       Looked up local events and booked two booths for upcoming shows.

–        Discussed in-depth with a team member about goals and set a plan to get her moving up the leadership path.

The best way to ensure that you are working to build your business is to set a structured schedule for your business. Even if you are doing this for flexibility, your business deserves and needs the respect of your full attention. When you have set times dedicated to your business and you know WHAT you will be working on, you will find yourself less likely to work on the fluff and more likely to work on the things that build your business and make money.  make-money


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