Affiliate Marketing | For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing | For Beginners

If you are an online entrepreneur or marketer and you have your own website or blog then you can promote your business and increase traffic with affiliate marketing. Whether you have your own products or not, by adding affiliate products to your website or blog it will increase your sales.  

When starting affiliate marketing for the first time, many newbies assume they can make a quick buck by doing just the basics and not actually committing themselves to a long term business model or plan. If you’re in it for the long haul, take the time and do your homework.

When you’re ready to get started with affiliate marketing, it is necessary to choose the right products to promote.Remember, your audience are primarily visiting your blog because they like what you have to say. Think about what products and services are relevant to your niche and your audience.

How to Promote Affiliate Products After selecting your affiliate products and you have your hyperlinks , you simply add them to your blog/website, include them in articles or create classified ads. There are some article directories that do not accept direct links to affiliate program products. In this case you’ll need to set up a redirected domain name. This is simple to do and can be done by registering a new domain name with GoDaddy and setting it up in the redirect section. You can buy domain names for just a few dollars. 

Add your new domain name to the article resource box and when the reader clicks on it they will go directly to the affiliate program product page. If you’re intending on having multiple websites and redirected domains, Host Gator will host unlimited domains for a low monthly fee.

Selecting Affiliate Products to PromoteClickbank  is a popular affiliate program. Once registered, just go to the  marketplace section and select the subject of the product you are interested in promoting. Keep your audience and niche in mind when choosing. Everyone wants good quality and this applies to your affiliate products as well. Do your research and look for products that have a good reputation and good reviews.

You can promote as many Clickbank products as you like but, you don’t want to clutter your blog/website. If you are marketing multiple sites, take time selecting what’s appropriate for each site. Clickbank also has products grouped together in a ‘mall’, this allows you to send visitors to your mall and collect commissions on all purchases made.

After you have found a product that you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to check out the sales pitch page, once reviewed and you decide this is the product you want to promote, click  on the “create a hoplink” button to generate a personalised hyperlink to your selected product. I suggest you make a folder, copy and save it, this will be most useful when promoting multiple products. You are now ready to use your hyperlink and begin promoting your product.

Affiliate marketing will continue to grow globally with the trends and interest in online marketing, it would be beneficial if you to take the time and do your research first, rather than rushing out and winging it.

For more information regarding affiliate products read here:

My recommended affiliate product:

Magnetic Sponsoring – this is another favorite for attraction marketing. Mike Dillard’s 7 day video boot camp is FREE before you even buy anything. They provide you with lead capture pages, create high quality generic training programs, handle all customer support issues, contact management tools, easy to use tracking features, unique up sell process that puts more money in your pocket, intuitive follow-up series. All you have to do is drive traffic to your links and they take care of the rest.

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