How to Add List Building Tools to your Blog

How to Add List Building Tools to your Blog  

List building tools are absolutely vital to building your internet business.

Having a list of prospects is still the key to finding clients. Imagine having a list of people you may contact who are willing to click on your links, read your newsletters and purchase your products online. Without this list, you will be lost before you even begin.

List building takes more than putting a colorful subscriber box with an email opt-in field on your website. You also need to find a way to encourage people to opt-in and enter their email address in order to subscribe to your offers. That’s when you can begin to start building a relationship with them. The power of a list building tool is that you can do all this automatically without having to personally attend to each prospect.

To add a list building tool, you should first design an opt-in page. This page is where your contacts will enter their email information by signing up for your offer. It can be either an image, some text, JavaScript, or a combination of these, it’s your choice. The important thing is to include the relevant fields such as the person’s name, their email address and some like to include phone number too. Now remember, you should make it as attractive and inviting as you can.

Second, now decide what kind of tool you want. The right tools depend on the kind of blog you’re using. For example, there are tools designed specifically for WordPress and there are others that work with other sites like Facebook and Blogger. Be sure to check out the plugin’s homepage to find out what blogs it’s compatible with.

Also, you’ll want to decide which design you want, a sign up page, footer, sidebar, or a pop-up. Some tools incorporate all or most of these features. It depends on how you’ve designed your blog, so pick one that works well functionally as well as visually.

After you’ve made your design choices select the tool you want, there are several to choose from. The really good ones like Aweber, GetResponse, UFA and Digi List Builder charge a fee, but there are free ones you can use, such as Optin Crusher, Codebanter, and the WordPress plug-in mentioned below. Whichever you choose, make sure you follow the directions and that it merges seamlessly with your blog’s style and autoresponder system.

Download your tool and install it, usually it is a “plug-in” for ease of use. Once downloaded, you can install it at the settings menu in the admin section of your blog.

For example, in WordPress, open your Dashboard and in the menu bar click on Plug-ins, select ‘Add New’. If you downloaded your plug-in to your computer, click on browse, select your plug-in file and add it. From there, you can click on ‘Activate Plug-in’. Next you will have to click the plug-in settings and configure it. This is important as you need to customize your opt-in page and adjust the settings for the dimensions and how often it will show up on your blog.

The installation may be a little different for each tool, so be sure to read the instructions on their website so you get it right. Essentially, you have to download the application, upload it to your blog, copy-paste your auto-responder details, configure your settings and then activate the plug-in.

If you’re using WordPress, it has a pop-up (popover) plug-in by WPMUDEV. Once downloaded, you have two choices, either have the pop-up show for all your blog pages or set it up to let each individual blog control it, be sure to read the instructions for settings. Activate the plug-in and then to adjust the settings go to Settings > Pop Overs, here you can set the size, background color, position, font color and when you want it to be displayed.



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