How To Talk About Your Business

How To Talk About Your Business

One of the hardest things networks marketers struggle with is how to talk about their business. There’s this perception out there that network marketers are the type of people who will ONLY talk to you about their product/service/opportunity. That may be true of some people! But this perception has scared many network marketers out of talking about their business at all.  They don’t want to be seen as “that person”.

A great strategy in growing your network marketing business is learning how to “slip in” your business during ordinary conversations. The idea is not to be “tricky” about it, but to develop a natural conversation that can lead to you talking to someone more about your business. The caveat is to make THEM ask YOU more about it!  It makes you feel better when you dangle a little something out there…a teaser…and someone says, “what is your business” or “tell me more”. Having permission feels great!!

So, how do you talk about your business when having an ordinary conversation?  You look for opportunities to talk to people…usually people you don’t know…to bring up a teaser about your business and have them ask more.

Here are a few examples of what I mean: 

1. You’re at the office supply store getting business supplies and the woman in front of you has something unique. You say, “Where did you find that, that would be awesome for my business!”  She will usually tell you and then say “what is your business”. Trust me…I’ve done it MANY times!  Make sure you have a brochure or business card handy to give once you tell her!

2. You’re at the coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone about the weather and say, “I’m just so glad to get out of the house!  I’ve been working at home for 3 days straight and just need a break! I think I’ll drink this out in the sunshine and soak it in before I hit the computer & phones again”.  Again…you WILL get asked what you do at home…. Time to share!!

3.  If you have traveled for your business lately for a convention or training of any kind, make SURE you slip that into a conversation with a clerk or someone in line at the store or even beside you as you are looking at clothes. Something like, “oh, I wish I would have had that on my business trip to Chicago!” It gets a conversation going about where you went, and then WHY.

4. This one is not quite the same, but try it. If you are at the park or a playland of a fast food restaurant with your kids, look around to see who’s sitting looking bored. At the BEGINNING of your visit (because you want to leave time for conversation) just walk over and say, “I know what it’s like just sitting here for a while!  I thought I’d give you a brochure to look over while you’re here! You’re welcome to keep it if you’d like!” It’s a great way to get your product catalog in the hands of someone…and invite further conversation while you are there with your kids. I’ve seen it do WONDERS!

Once they ask you a question, it leads to more questions. People are naturally curious.  ESPECIALLY about people who a) have their own business b) work from home c) travel for their business and d) ENJOY what they do. 

If you have a positive attitude about your business, people will be curious and the conversation will just flow with them asking you more. What a great way for you to tell them more!

So don’t be afraid to be “that” MLM person. Just be friendly and personable. Let the opportunity to talk about your business come in to your conversation (plant it!) and when someone asks, be willing to tell them more!

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