Make Money from Home the Easy Way

Make Money from Home the Easy Way 

Make money from home appears to be the latest catch phrase these days, and it’s gaining momentum. But, very few make money from home the easy way. Let’s see what we can do to change that. 

There is an assumption that making money from home is either a scam, an impossibility, or a pyramid fantasy. Although a broad reality, there are many avenues that lead to making money from home.

Let’s take a look at what’s needed to make money from home the easy way and you will see, it really isn’t that complicated. Before getting started, you will need to be prepared by asking yourself some key questions. Get a pen and paper ready, and we will begin with identifying what your requirements are. 

Identify Your Needs: 

  1. Schedule – do you require a flexible schedule? Are you interested in work with no fixed time or place with just an internet connection, or do you prefer fixed set hours on a daily basis? This will determine what avenues are open to you and what to avoid, so you’re not wasting time in the selection process. 
  2. Income – determine your income range and what your absolute bottom starting rate is. Do you require weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly compensation? What payment methods will be acceptable to you? Do you prefer PayPal, direct deposit, paper checks mailed to you, or payroll debit cards?
  3. Investment – decide if it will be a deal breaker if there are fees involved anywhere in the process. Be certain to ask about fees at the very beginning, knowing this upfront will save you any disappointments later. If paying fees is an option you choose, then make sure you have a maximum limit in mind that you are comfortable with. 
  4. Medical/Dental  Benefits – typically rare in making money from home, medical and dental benefits are sometimes available. I encourage you to be flexible on this, as they are few and far between and considered an ‘added bonus’. 

The next step will be to look at the different avenues available to you that fit your needs: 

  1. At-Home Professional (Independent Contractor) – generally speaking this category is usually full of openings, from remote call center agents to IT professionals and more. Pay is usually weekly or bi-weekly, with paid training, all from the comfort of your home. No taxes are deducted, therefore you are responsible for reporting. 
  2. Virtual Employee – this is suitable for the person who wants a traditional j-o-b from home with a set schedule and pay period. Medical benefits would fall into this category. Taxes etc are deducted, just like any other traditional employee position. 
  3. Freelancer – writing, editing, proofreading, and technical assignments are covered here. The freelancer must have a self-driven personality in order to succeed here. 
  4. Network Marketer – fees are involved in an independent business opportunity, just like if you started an offline business. This is something you can start full or part-time, some understanding of internet marketing and networking being an advantage. You may want to have another source of income when you first get started, as compensation only comes from your successful efforts in recruiting and sales. 

This is just a small sample of opportunities to work from home. How easy it is will also be determined by your skills, talent, interests and flexibility. Being prepared by identifying your needs upfront, is a good place for you to start in your quest to make money from home the easy way.

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