Manifest Your Destiny | Wayne Dyer

Manifest Your Destiny | Wayne Dyer

The central theme of Manifest Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer is that we have the power within to attract to ourselves all we could ever want. There are many people who say this all day, every day, but truth be told very few of us really get the literal truth of this.

We all have a Divine power within us that has gone untapped, largely because of our conditioning. Everything about the society in which we live conditions us to fear and to not trust in our own inner guidance; but trust things outside of ourselves. Restoring that innate self-trust is crucial in manifesting your destiny, because it is that inner guidance that leads us.

Dr. Wayne Dyer lists several suggestions on ways to nurture trust in yourself:

  1. Admitting your confusion or failures
  2. Keep in mind that you cannot go to a higher ground if you are hanging on to a lower level.
  3. Acquire a rebellious attitude toward the philosophy that preaches a style of God as a boss who is authoritarian and a benevolent tyrant. Rejection of this model doesn’t mean you’re an atheist, but rather a believer of true divinity.
  4. Remember that trusting does not mean you never experience life’s valleys. Do not      abandon trust when your ego thinks things should be different than they are. Begin to look for the lesson in the darkness rather than cursing it.
  5. Take your serious problems and turn them over to God.
  6. To remember that the presence of complete trust is evident in your life when what you think, do and feel are all balanced and in harmony.
  7. Begin a meditation practice.

Trusting in ourselves is trusting in the Source that created us; because we are oneness with God. This is the source of all spiritual traditions, for example…

Christianity teaches “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Islam teaches “Those who know themselves know their God.”

Buddhism teaches “Look within, you are the Buddha.”

Yoga teaches “God dwells within you, as you.”

This is but a small sampling of the many spiritual traditions around the world; so understand that there are many religions and faiths, yet there is but one common message.

Listed below are the 9 Spiritual Principles for “Getting Everything You Want” as given by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I highly suggest you get the book, “Manifest Your Destiny” in order to get the breakdown of each principle. Dr. Wayne Dyer goes deep into each one bringing the reader into a higher state of awareness.

9 Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want:

  1. Becoming Aware of Your Highest Self
  2. Trusting Yourself is Trusting the Wisdom that Created You
  3. You Are Not An Organism in an Environment, You Are an Environed Organism
  4. You Can Attract To Yourself What You Desire
  5. Honoring Your Worthiness to Receive
  6. Connecting to the Divine Source with Unconditional Love
  7. Meditating to the Sound of Creation
  8. Patiently  Detach From the Outcome
  9. Reacting To Your Manifestations With Gratitude and Generosity

“Destiny is not pre-ordained. Destiny is ordained totally by you. Every single moment of your NOW existence is the result of your previous thought. The idea that everything is already laid out for you in advance is a hallucination. You can and do manifest your own destiny.”

~  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Manifest Your Destiny

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  1. Greetings of love, I love the writings and teachings of Dr. Dyer. We attended the same high school of course at different times. I felt the confirmation. always love teresa